Martin S Longstaff BSc(Hons) DipComp


My ideal work is varied and challenging. I like the opportunities to employ and develop my skills in all aspects of Internet software design, development and implementation.


I have been creating, developing and maintaining database driven Websites for over twenty years. This has given me a very strong expertise in PHP, SQL, Javascript and HTML. I also have a wide experience of working in computing, I'm proficient in 'OO' development and MVC frameworks. I have built real time, distributed management systems in C++, and several PC games and some very successful Amiga games back in the 90's.

IT Core Skills


Excellent knowledge of Creative Suite - Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator


Current - MSL Software

Web Developer and IT consultant. Clients include many national companies and local businesses.
I develop backend management systems, Websites with unique systems and purposes (for example Duplasor), API's, Web Apps and I manage/run a popular forum. Plus when requested I can turn my hand to creating responsive sites with high graphical content and style.
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Previous - A.M. Reprographics

1987 - 2009
Position: Business partner
Responsible for all IT, software training, networking and graphics within the company. Development of Company and Client Websites.


1997 – 2002 The Open University

2003 Bachelor of Science with Honours (2.1 Upper Second)
1998 Diploma in Computing


Weston College

Awards: Foundation Art, A level art, O level Photography

Backwell Comprehensive School

Awards: O level: Art, Mathematics. CSE 1: English, Physics, Drama


I consider myself amiable, imaginative but practical with good social and communications skills. Remote learning tested my self-discipline, time management and organisation skills, but more importantly my dedication to learning, in running a high-pressured business alongside a demanding academic timetable.


I am accomplished musician, pianist and guitarist and have played in many bands over the years. I'm also a skilled artist and photographer

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