Before you Ask

  • before you ask
  • minute by minute
  • year of the cat
  • rio de janeiro blue
  • fm
  • atlantic avenue
  • the fever
  • moondance
  • aint misbehavin
  • the eleventh hour express
  • tequila whisky and gin



  • look in your eyes
  • glass of wine
  • stay with me tonight
  • they - not even you
  • pressure
  • uniforms
  • dejavu
  • insomnia


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Album: Before You Ask - Martin Longstaff

  1. before you askMartin Longstaff
  2. minute by minuteThe Doobie Brothers
  3. year of the catAl Stewart
  4. rio de janeiro blueRandy Crawford
  5. fmFagan/Becker
  6. atlantic avenueAverage White Band
  7. the feverBruce Springsteen
  8. moondanceVan Morrison
  9. aint misbehavinBrooks/Waller/Razaf
  10. the eleventh hour expressMartin Longstaff
  11. tequila whisky and ginMartin Longstaff

This is a collection of rock, pop and blues, with a sprinkling of jazz! All performed by Martin Longstaff (Keyboards, guitars & vocals)

Album: Vintage - Martin Longstaff

  1. look in your eyesMartin Longstaff
  2. glass of wineMartin Longstaff
  3. stay with me tonightMartin Longstaff
  4. they - not even youMartin Longstaff
  5. pressureMartin Longstaff
  6. uniformsMartin Longstaff
  7. dejavuMartin Longstaff
  8. insomniaMartin Longstaff

All songs were written, produced and performed by Martin Longstaff (Keyboards, guitars & vocals). Vintage was originally written and recorded in 1982 so the songs tend to have an 80's pop feel to them. this is a re-recording done in 2004.